MLS Cup 2020: Crew Alumni Reactions, Pt. 5

After a little holiday hiatus, let’s start the work week off right with another installment of Crew alumni reactions to Columbus being the greatest team the world has ever seen by beating Seattle by a field goal in MLS Cup 2020. These are from calls/texts/emails and some of them are excerpts from lengthier conversations.

ANDY IRO (2008-2011)

“Thank you to the Crew fans. So much is due to your dedication. To think almost there wasn’t even going to be a Columbus Crew anymore, to now being MLS champs (again) with a new stadium downtown. The future is looking bright in Black & Gold! #savethecrew #mlsorginal #2timechamps”

JOHN HARKES (2001-2002)

“Great approach. High intensity. Took it to them. So happy for my former club, Caleb, Dr. Pete, Tim, owners, fans, community. Enjoy! Well deserved! So much pride for the Crew faithful and community! After all that we have been through, the Columbus Crew faithful, community, club is so important! Sacred ground! Feels good!”


“My history with the Crew was brief, unfortunately, but in my time there, I learned so much. From the people there, the hard-working people who would offer you the shirt off their back to you, to the organization, which was going through a transition from some of the old guard to the new, Columbus still gave the best to their players. The team still being there and winning as a team saved by the fans, it’s great to see.”

JAMEY ROOTES (President and General Manager, 1996-1999)

“While past Crew championships have been amazing, I am particularly excited about this one because of the Haslam family. Jimmy and Dee are amazing people and Columbus is blessed to have their strong leadership at the Crew. With the new stadium that they have graciously provided for the City, it feels like the original concept for the Columbus Crew has finally been realized. Lamar would be so proud. Congratulations and here’s to many more championships!”

 GINO PADULA (2008-2010)

“I think you saw two teams on the field and one team really wanted it. That team was the Columbus Crew. We have very good players and a very good coach. There was no question about who was the best team on the field. I’m very proud, to be honest. I am very happy because we had a hard time a few years ago for the entire city and the club. This is my club. This is my city for the past 12 years. I think the city deserves this because we were very sad when we thought we had to enjoy our last season in Columbus because they will play in Austin very soon. So I want to thank the owners, especially Pete Edwards. I have known Pete for 12 years now and I know what kind of person he is and how much he loves the Crew. So I want to thank all the owners because without the owners, the Crew could not be in Columbus at this time. I also think the fans are a huge part of this. Without the fans, keeping the team in Columbus was impossible. The fans really deserve what is happening right now because of what they suffered through. Last year, I didn’t care if we won MLS Cup or not. We already won our MLS Cup that year by keeping our club in our city. That was our MLS Cup. Now after winning MLS Cup this year, I think we should have three stars over our badge.”


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