The Oracles of Crewsmas 2022

There was something in the air on Crewsmas, and it wasn’t just the chill of a February 26 start to the season, a date two days earlier than even the famed La Guerra Fria against Mexico at Historic Crew Stadium in 2001. No, this was something imperceptible in the moment that only became apparent after … Continue reading The Oracles of Crewsmas 2022


Mr. Numbers Nerd: Crew Comebacks from 2-0 on the Road

Hi. This is going to be very to the point as it is already after 1:00am and I have to get up early tomorrow. But Friday's 2-2 #HellisReal draw in Cincinnati after falling behind 2-0 was only the seventh time in club history the Columbus Crew salvaged at least a point when falling behind 2-0 … Continue reading Mr. Numbers Nerd: Crew Comebacks from 2-0 on the Road

Warzycha Knows and Appreciates Zelarayan’s Free Kick Wizardry

The whistle blows for a foul. There’s a deadball opportunity just outside the opposing penalty area, well within shooting range. As you take measure and do your internal calculations, the goalkeeper shouts instructions to the several men comprising the human wall designed to take away half the target. It’s the final minute of stoppage time. … Continue reading Warzycha Knows and Appreciates Zelarayan’s Free Kick Wizardry

Legendary Lucas and His Big Apple Brilliance

It’s been a few hours and I still can’t process what I witnessed. After Eloy Room made some incredible saves to keep the Columbus Crew alive, Lucas Zelarayan stole the show, single-footedly flipping a one-goal deficit to a one-goal victory with a pair of late free kick goals. New York City FC, poised to claim … Continue reading Legendary Lucas and His Big Apple Brilliance

Through Josh’s Eyes: Lucas Zelarayan

LUCAS ZELARAYANAge at MLS Cup: 28Hometown: Cordoba, Argentina 2020 IN ALL COMPETITIONSGames: 21Starts: 17Minutes: 1515Goals: 8Assists: 9 In 2017, Crew fans were told by a now-former owner that they needed to respect his ambition. In 2020, the Crew's new ownership group took a different approach by actually demonstrating honorable ambition. They took a quick break … Continue reading Through Josh’s Eyes: Lucas Zelarayan

Through Josh’s Eyes: Gyasi Zardes

GYASI ZARDESAge at MLS Cup: 29Hometown: Hawthorne, CA 2020 IN ALL COMPETITIONSGames: 26Starts: 25Minutes: 2183Goals: 15Assists: 5 Gyasi Zardes accomplished a lot in 2020. With his 12 regular season goals in the COVID-shortened season, he became the first player in Crew history to lead the club in goals scored on three separate occasions, doing so … Continue reading Through Josh’s Eyes: Gyasi Zardes

Through Josh’s Eyes: Vito Wormgoor

VITO WORMGOORAge at MLS Cup: 32Hometown: Leersum, Netherlands 2020 IN ALL COMPETITIONSGames: 2Starts: 2Minutes: 107Goals: 0Assists: 0 On March 1, 2020, Vito Wormgoor took the field in Columbus in his expected starting role as Jonathan Mensah's center back partner. He played a terrific game as the Crew beat New York City FC 1-0, despite Vito … Continue reading Through Josh’s Eyes: Vito Wormgoor