“A Massive Season” Blurbs / Reviews

“…essential reading for anyone who has ever cared about the Black and Gold…”

— Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive!

“Sirk gets terrific details…he benefits from being inside the locker room to catch the teasing and the bonding within the squad.”

— Beau Dure, author of  Long Range Goals and Enduring Spirit

“…the Reverse Vampire version of The Beckham Experiment, focusing on an unpretentious MLS team not finding new and exciting ways to embarrass the sport and everything around it.”

Dan Loney, BigSoccer.com featured blogger 

“Sirk’s writing is filled with the humor and wit that make it funny, but also filled with the humanity of the players and the team that made (2008) so special .”

— Patrick Guldan, An American Game

“It’s perfect bathroom reading material.”

— Steven Lenhart


Full “Columbus Alive!” review HERE: http://www.columbusalive.com/content/stories/2009/10/30/ca_u_crew.html


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