A Massive Collection, Vol. 1 Blurbs/Reviews

“Sirk is not your average sportswriter. Through careful observation and a warm, ingratiating presence, he collects the sort of fun, humanizing details that usually end up in the margins of a story and brings them to the foreground…A Massive Collection reflects the full spectrum of Sirk’s canon.” — Chris DeVille, Columbus Alive

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“Steve Sirk is a hell of a writer. Very few authors I’ve read are able to engage a reader’s sense of humor and heartstrings in the way Sirk does. I love this book. If you love soccer, sports, Columbus, or the Crew, I think you will too.” — Jonathan “T-Bone” Smith, co-host of Common Man & T-Bone, 3-6pm weekdays on 97.1 FM The Fan in Columbus

A Massive Collection Vol. 1 has so many stories I wouldn’t have known about! Steve Sirk has a knack for telling the story of the Crew. His love for the game, the players, and the club shines through in his writing. He has a unique ability to connect on a personal level with the athletes, really understands us, and shares in our moments. I respect him as a professional and am proud to call him my friend.” — Mark Dougherty, former Columbus Crew goalkeeper (1998-2001)

“Sirk has been around to chronicle every major moment in the club’s history, and while those major moments are, naturally, well represented in this volume, the real joy comes from re-living some of the less dramatic but often hilarious moments that have graced Sirk’s notebook over the years.”  — Kris Landis, Columbus Wired



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