“A Massive Season” Synopsis

In 2008, after a dozen years that saw heartache give way to hopelessness, the Columbus Crew rose from the ashes and finally won their first MLS Cup. Steve Sirk was there all year, bumbling around in their presence, collecting the quotes, quips, and absurd observations that have made his Notebook column a must-read for diehard Crew fans. “A Massive Season” is the ultimate championship season scrapbook!


*All 19 of Sirk’s 2008 Notebooks, including the epic MLS Cup recap from California.

*Recaps of those Notebook-less away games.

*The blog entries before and after MLS Cup.

*Several new essays sprinkled throughout.

*A foreword by Dante Washington.

*Footnote commentary.

*Over 140 pro and amateur photos.

*Notebook snippets from yesteryear.

*Documentation of the joyous aftermath, from the Statehouse to the White House.

*A special section featuring reaction from Crew alumni.


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