“Kirk Urso: Forever Massive” Blurbs / Reviews

“Honest, open, and sincere, Kirk Urso: Forever Massive introduces us to the life and heart of a young man who we should have all gotten to know more. Sirk’s book shows you who Kirk was and why the Crew family is more than numbers on a roster.”

–Sean Reid, author of Love Thy Soccer

“I had heard some incredible stories about Kirk Urso through the grapevine, but it wasn’t until reading Kirk Urso: Forever Massive that I felt like I truly got to know him as a teammate, a friend,  and most importantly, a son. Sirk’s book feels like you’re at preseason with the guys in the locker room, busting each other’s chops and stepping onto the field with one another. Kirk Urso: Forever Massive makes you realize what an incredible person Kirk Urso really was.”

— Brian Dunseth, MLS broadcaster / TheOriginalWinger.com

“I think the most important thing about Kirk was that he was able to touch all of our lives in a very special way. Reading Kirk Urso: Forever Massive and being able to remember the way he was, and his humor that he carried about him and transmitted to others, put a smile on my face each and every page. He was able to show us a different way of living and to not always worry about the problems we were currently having in our life. He always knew how to change our ways of thinking and help everyone think positively, whether it was joking about something or knowing when to be serious as well. The book gave me back those memories and I will definitely keep them, and Kirk, in my heart each and every day.”

— Greg Garza, U.S. Men’s National Team

“… a book not about the death of Kirk Urso, but of a life full of laughter, friendship, kindness… I wished I knew Kirk better. We all did; those of us in Columbus who had only six months with him. Fortunately, Sirk filled in the gaps with an unbelievable timeline of Kirk’s stay with the Crew by using countless interviews, letters, Tweets, newspaper clippings, photos and videos (yes, and don’t ask me how he did it) to give you a full picture of what this bushy-haired kid was all about…. You don’t need to have known Kirk to appreciate the book because the emotions will be the same as for those who loved him: laughter, tears, and in the end, an appreciation for life.”

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