#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Wil Trapp

During the entire Grand Theft Massive saga, perhaps no player shouldered a bigger burden than Wil Trapp. As captain of his hometown team, Trapp was tasked with leading his teammates through the turmoil while also feeling its effects on a deeply personal level. Along the way, Trapp lifted the fanbase's spirits in some unorthodox ways. … Continue reading #SavedTheCrew Reaction: Wil Trapp


#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Tommy Heinemann

2018 was an emotionally taxing year for Columbus Crew fans, and that includes former Crew striker Tommy Heinemann, who was going through a soccer-as-business ordeal of his own. After signing with FC Cincinnati for the 2018 season, the club unilaterally decided to void his contract based on concerns about the condition of his knee, which … Continue reading #SavedTheCrew Reaction: Tommy Heinemann

#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Chad Barson

Chad Barson played in 50 MLS matches with the Crew from 2013-2016, giving him the third-most regular season appearances of any Central Ohioan in club history, trailing only Wil Trapp (157 and counting) and Danny O'Rourke (147.) A solid defender with a good head for the game, the Lewis Center native was a homegrown product … Continue reading #SavedTheCrew Reaction: Chad Barson