#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Dwight Burgess

Like Dr. Pete, broadcaster Dwight Burgess has worked for the Crew since day one in 1996. The club has been almost a quarter century of his life, so when I think of people I am most happy for that the Crew have been saved, Dwight is in the upper echelon.

I plan to talk to Dwight more in-depth soon, but he sent me the following message with his immediate reaction. I’ll share it now as a mid-day #SavedTheCrew snack.


On the ramifications of the Crew being saved:

“Stunning. Rarely does the little guy defeat the man. Very David and Goliath. Thankful the League was willing to listen and allow things to play out. I think we’re likely to see this type of thing play out elsewhere. Bottom line, the goal was Save the Crew and that goal was achieved. But while unintended, I believe the ramifications will extend well beyond one team and one city. At a time when there is so much negativity and conflict in the world, this is a true feel good story. I hope I’ll be allowed the privilege of playing a small role in the club for another 23 years.”


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