#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Brian Carroll

Brian Carroll was the midfield glue of the 2008 Massive Champions and his 2008 and 2009 Supporters Shields with Columbus meant he won the Shield in an astounding four consecutive seasons. (He had won it in 2006 and 2007 with D.C. United.)

Now living in Indiana and working in the investment world, Carroll had the following to say during our conversation on Wednesday night…


On me calling slightly behind schedule because my phone call with Alejandro Moreno went a half hour…

Why am I not surprised. That’s what he gets paid for. (i.e. Talking.)

On the Crew being 100% officially saved:

I can completely understand how passionate people were about the possibility of there not being a team in Columbus, Ohio, and for the black and gold not to be worn in the league anymore, but I guess I could just never wrap my head around there not being a team in Columbus. What that means is that somehow I always thought there would end up being a team in the area. I’m happy and thankful that Dr. Edwards and his family, along with the Haslam family, that they were able to keep a team in the Columbus market. Having been there for the ten-year anniversary of the 2008 championship, it’s a special group of people, a special place to play, a really strong and healthy fanbase, and with this official push on staying and growing in Columbus, I am excited for the new stadium and to see how that plays out in the timetable to ensue.

On the new downtown stadium and new training facility and soccer park that retains MAPFRE Stadium:

I’ve seen some renderings of the current stadium site for the training site and various other fields, but I have not seen the renderings of the new downtown location and what it will be like and look like. [NOTE: I then describe it.] That is going to be fantastic. It sounds like it’s going to be even more incredible than it used to be. I’m excited. I’m glad I only live three hours away so I can shoot over and catch a game.

On Dr. Pete going from team doctor to team owners as part of the ownership group with the Haslam family:

I’m really excited for Dr. Edwards and his family. He was always very passionate and helpful in wanting to see the Crew succeed. Because he was a fan, he loved the team, he wanted to see it be successful, he loves the city, he’s been an integral part of the city, and the club has been part of his family for a long time, to now see him being one of the faces of the franchise as a whole, it’s interesting. I never really thought about that. Thinking back to the way he liked to operate around the club and his passion for the club, I can see maybe this sort of role was on his mind for a long time. You never want to think about this type of scenario having to take place for someone like him with his connection to the city to make something happen, but it’s going to be great. He’s the lead of the franchise, along with the Haslam family, and it’s going to usher in a whole new era and a new way of doing business and propelling the team forward from here. I’m excited to see him help this club continue to grow and thrive even more.

On the success of the #SaveTheCrew movement:

I’m thankful and excited for the fans, because not only have they always supported the club, but they were very vocal and stood firm on what they wanted and how they wanted to see the club stay and continue to grow and thrive in the city it has called home since the beginning. I’m happy that they were able to rally the troops and muster up enough attention to allow the Haslam and the Edwards families to figure out a way, along with the city, to keep the club in town. I’m thankful and I’m excited for the fans’ future.

They were nothing but amazing when we were on our run when I was in town and a part of the club, and just being back for the reunion and seeing the stadium and seeing some fans again, and being able to share with my family, I mean, the kids were tiny and we only had one at the time, but to bring them back and to have them be a part of it and to show them what dad used to do, was special. It kind of felt like that might be it. Like, “Here kids. Here’s what dad used to be. There was this club and Dad was a part of it and he won a championship and this is what it looks like.” It’s like we were being celebrated and remember this time and this championship, but this was kind of goodbye at the same time too. Fast forward to today, and now the club is staying and is going to continue to grow into a whole new more positive future. It’s icing on the cake. It’s something that the Edwards family, the Haslam family, and the fans should be excited about.

I’m excited that I will have a professional team that I still call home nearby so I can shoot over and catch a game when I want to and bring my kids along as well.

On the length of our phone call:

I only took about 15 minutes of your time, so I was shorter than Ale.



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