Lenny & Sigi

Super quick quote dump before I head to work. Sigi came up during my conversation with Steven Lenhart, so in light of Michael Arace’s incredible piece on Sigi in today’s Columbus Dispatch, here’s some more on Sigi.


On attending Sigi’s service tonight in Manhattan Beach, CA:

It’s just right to honor the man that Sigi is. Such a unique blend of who he is. I just need to pay my own respect for not just my career. On a deeper note, he really showed me how to believe in myself and he really encouraged that in me as I transitioned into the pros. He was the first guy that was like, “Dude, you’ve got what it takes.” He kind of got that steam engine rolling for me. That was some major steam and I’ve got Sigi to thank for it.

On my comment that Sigi getting to come back and feel the love from Columbus one last time this fall was especially poignant now in retrosepct:

It was pretty poignant then, man. He was so filled with emotion during that whole thing. I got the joy of being in the same car with him. We arrived in Columbus at the same time so we hopped in the same car from the airport together, just him and I. I’m just going back to the car ride together and we just shared some really special conversations. I told him that my favorite goal that I scored in my career was against him when he was with Seattle and I was in San Jose. It was a 95th minute header at Buck Shaw. Being able to tell him that and to see his response, like him just shaking his head and smiling, it was so special to share a career with that guy, whether it was playing for him or against him. It’s like we somehow had a special spot for each other.


Another player talked about Sigi during our conversation, but I haven’t transcribed that chat yet. I will do it this weekend. For other reading, here’s what I wrote in the immediate aftermath of Sigi’s passing.

But man, read that Arace piece if you haven’t already. My goodness. What a tribute.



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