#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Dominic Oduro

Dominic Oduro’s former twitter handle said it all: @freakyfast8. (He’s now using his name, @DomOduro, but I will always remember his original handle.)

Oduro used that eye-popping quickness to lead the Columbus Crew with 13 goals in 2013. He scored a few goals that year due to what I’d dubbed Grand Theft Oduro, where he would pick the last defender’s pocket and then leave the victim in a cloud of roadrunner dust as he scored on a breakaway. The other defining memory of Oduro, of course, is pizza. He loved pizza and was a locoduro pizza hair (2)al spokesman for Papa John’s. He once shaved a slice of pizza into the side of his head. He once held a free pizza party at the stadium on a random workday lunch hour just to the thank the fans for their support. He even once celebrated a goal by eating a slice of pizza on the field.

Oduro was only in Columbus for a season-and-a-half out of his 13-year MLS career, but he had been following the Crew saga and shared a few thoughts via email.


On the Crew being 100% officially saved:

I think everyone, including me and those outside Columbus, shared the joy knowing the Crew was saved mainly by the fans and social media with #SaveTheCrew. It shows the passion that the people have for the game and how much they cherish the team being in their city. Thanks also to the new groups that own the team for their investment.

On the plans for a new downtown stadium:

I think it will help bring more people to the stadium since they don’t have to drive far away. Plus, let’s be honest, that stadium was the first in the league, but now a new one needed to be built.

On Dr. Edwards being part of the ownership group:

I came to know Dr. Edwards personally during my playing time in Columbus and I’m excited he’s part of this group. He loves the team, not only as the team doctor, but he loves the city itself. He’s passionate about it and it’s good to know people like him care.

On the success of the #SaveTheCrew movement:

#SaveTheCrew is arguably the best hashtag in American soccer history. Not only did it help save the team, but it got many soccer and even non-soccer fans to understand this was more than sports, but also about coming together to do what’s good for the neighborhood.



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