HELP WANTED: Tell Me Your 2020 Crew Story

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve still got some more MLS Cup stuff to come in January, including more alumni reactions I haven’t published yet, plus another MLS Cup series that I think you will like once I finish it.

In the meantime, I want to revel in your feelings about the 2020 MLS Cup Champion Columbus Crew. I wrote three essays about people I was happy were at the game for three entirely different reasons, but I am happy for every single Crew fan whether or not they were in attendance, and doing those pieces made me want to hear ALL of your stories.

If you would be so inclined, I would love to hear about what the 2020 MLS Cup title meant to you. This can be in the context of watching/celebrating the match itself, favorite moments from the season, favorite players, #SaveTheCrew, something personal, or whatever it is that made this season, this team, and this championship special to you. I’d love to hear your story and what this title meant. And see any relevant photos or videos, if applicable.

If reliving the triumph in this way would brighten your day as well as mine, please email me at I look forward to hearing all about it!

NOTE: Any such emails will be considered personal correspondence unless approval is granted otherwise. (You can proactively include in your email if you’d like.) I have some vague notions in my head about something, but if that ever comes to pass, I will circle back to you if need be. For now, it will just be two Crew friends basking in MLS Cup glory. I just want to hear your stories because it will make me happy to hear them.


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