#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Todd Yeagley

Todd Yeagley was a Crew original who spent his entire seven-year career with Columbus. He was part of the Indiana University pipeline in the inaugural season that included the likes of Brian Maisonneuve, Mike Clark, Brandon Ward, and the club's first GM, Jamey Rootes. Following in the footsteps of his legendary father, Yeagley is now … Continue reading #SavedTheCrew Reaction: Todd Yeagley


#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Michael Parkhurst

Before we get to the #SavedTheCrew portion of the proceedings, a happy little preamble. Michael Parkhurst ushered in the Gregg Berhalter era as captain of the Crew from 2014-2016. He was an MLS All-Star in 2014 and captained the 2015 Eastern Conference championship squad that lost a heartbreaking MLS Cup to the Portland Timbers. Then … Continue reading #SavedTheCrew Reaction: Michael Parkhurst

#SavedTheCrew Reaction: William Hesmer

William Hesmer holds most of the significant goalkeeping records in Columbus Crew history. He is an MLS Cup champion. He is a stoppage time goalscorer in Toronto at the apex of #LOLTFC. He once rehabbed a major injury by taking an internship at a local investment firm to kickstart his post-soccer career as a financial … Continue reading #SavedTheCrew Reaction: William Hesmer

#SavedTheCrew Reaction: David Winner

Known for his shootout success and the horror movie sobriquet "Chucky" that was bestowed on him by teammate Adrian Paz, goalkeeper David Winner played for Columbus from 1996-1998. The Crew's relocation saga had a unique twist for Winner as he lived in Austin for ten years before moving back to Columbus five years ago, where … Continue reading #SavedTheCrew Reaction: David Winner

#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Matt Lampson

Former Crew goalkeeper Matt Lampson, currently of the LA Galaxy, was a homegrown player and an Ohio State Buckeye, so his Central Ohio roots run deep. After surviving Hodgkin's lymphoma as a teenager, Lampson has dedicated his career to making a difference for others in their fight against blood cancers via his Lampstrong Foundation. He … Continue reading #SavedTheCrew Reaction: Matt Lampson