Kirk Urso: Forever Massive (cover and description)

As many of you may already know, I have been working on a book about Kirk Urso. I announced it last August when I thought I was a couple months away from publishing it. That turned out not to be the case, but that’s because little additions kept presenting themselves. My friend Rob has told me that in the software engineering world, this is what is known as “feature creep.” Unplanned additions keep creeping into the product, derailing the original timeline. Guilty as charged. But my hope is that each tinker and each ongoing addition has made for the best Crew-focused tribute to Kirk that I can make. (With the help of sooooo many people, of course.)

One of the big, important parts of any book project is the cover. It’s what people see first, and even though one is not supposed to judge a book by it, people often judge a book by it. I am now in possession of the cover for “Kirk Urso: Forever Massive”, and I can only hope that the contents of the book live up to the instant opinions of the cover-judgers, who will assume it’s amazing based on the design work of Justin Bell and the photography of Greg Bartram.

I know Justin showed those in attendance at Tuesday night’s supporter summit at Crew Stadium, but for those not in attendance at that event, here it is….after the jump…the cover to Kirk Urso: Forever Massive


I am so excited about it. Having a cover makes the book seem more real than just a bunch of files on my computer. (It’s still that for a tiny bit longer, but I can now picture it all as an actual book.)

Justin and Greg are just two of the many people who have volunteered their time and talents in Kirk’s honor. I can’t wait to share everyone else’s contributions with you in the near future. There are still many logistical details to work out behind the scenes, as well as a period of time in April when I will be unavailable, so I am shooting for a May release. I will share more information as I can.

In the meantime, here is the description from the back cover…


Fans of the Columbus Crew are undoubtedly familiar with the “circle 15” emblem. This book is about getting to know the man behind the number.

Kirk Urso may have only been a member of the Columbus Crew for several months before his tragic passing from an undetected congenital heart defect, but he made his time count. In Kirk Urso: Forever Massive, Steve Sirk collects stories and insights from the players, coaches, and staff of the 2012 Columbus Crew, who knew Kirk as a leader, listener, friend, straight-faced humorist, and a constant source of positive inspiration. These stories, presented in the players’ own words, reveal Urso as the Crew knew him. (Hint: Most of the interviews featured smiles and laughter.)

The book also looks at Kirk’s legacy and impact going forward, including how congenital heart defect research– like the kind supported by the Kirk Urso Memorial Fund– has changed the life of one Ohio family. You will meet the little “heart kid” with whom Kirk formed a poignantly serendipitous friendship.

Augmented by over 100 photos and additional illustrations, pertinent article reprints, photo-triggered audio and video clips, and illuminating contributions from the Urso family, Kirk Urso: Forever Massive is a Crew-centric look at a young man who had so much to offer. And still does.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Crew Soccer Foundation’s Kirk Urso Memorial Fund, which supports congenital heart defect research.


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