#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Brian Dunseth

Today was the big day that the Crew moved the needle from 99.99999991996% saved to 100%, as the transfer of ownership to the Haslam and Edwards families has been completed. I am getting reactions from our large Crew family and will share them as I finish them.

I caught up with Brian Dunseth, who took a few minutes from the 2019 United Soccer Coaches Convention in Chicago to share some thoughts on #SaveTheCrew officially becoming #SavedTheCrew.

On today’s news:

“Listen man, as you know and everybody knows, my feelings about the historical relevance of today, and to see them going back to their roots, local, and understanding that something not only incredibly special, but historic has taken transpired over the last 12-15 months….from the outside looking in, it’s been incredible to watch. Kind of listening to the whispers and the rumors and the conversations about who could potentially be involved in the transition back to #Crew96 and to know that Doc Edwards is one of the guys leading this transition and kind of rebranding back to the good old days. I was politely joking around on Sirius XM the other day that I kept using the #Crew96 hashtag, so the next step is waiting for a rebrand or a return to the hard hats and the old logo and just sort of chipping away at what was a very difficult five years and to get back to what this club was and what it means to the city of Columbus and the fan base.”

On the Crew fans who fought for the team and inspired this victory:

“You and I are very fortunate to understand that despite what at times is assumed nationally…I think the national narrative is that the fan base in Columbus was historically relevant because of Lamar Hunt, a soccer-specific stadium, one of the originals in MLS, but outside of Dos A Cero, it didn’t maybe resonate as strong as in other cities on the MLS circuit. This past 12-15 months has proven that it’s not just an echo chamber on twitter. It’s not just a hard core group of fans that can fill a pub. This was a social movement that was organic and it was pure and it was important. And despite all the narratives from so many different voices and faces and mediums, to see the Haslam and the Edwards families were capable of stepping up financially to such an incredible extent, and on top of that, to see what this means to the city—not just from the outside looking in, but the vibes and the tickets and the push to get back in the stadium and support this club—it’s beautiful. That’s all I can say.”

On what, as someone who knows Dr. Edwards, Crew fans should know about Dr. Edwards as part owner of the Crew:

“You couldn’t ask for a more loyal, honest individual to be involved in this club, and a guy who truly believes in the value of what has been built there over time. On top of that, I was with Brian McBride here in Chicago. We kind of stumbled into each other after busting each other’s chops on social media, and we were both in awe of what has been done in Columbus.

“Quick little side story just to show you how much this club means in terms of family…

“When I was playing in Sweden, I tore my meniscus and I did not have U.S.-based health insurance, but I needed knee surgery. I reached out to Dr. Edwards and he made it financially viable for me to go under the knife and get healthy. He helped me and he protected me and went out of his way to do something he most definitely didn’t have to do. I will always remember that. I think, for me, that’s a perfect example of who he is and what he’s about. Even if you’re not a current player, and even if you’re just someone who came through for a short amount of time like myself, he was there for me in my time of need when he didn’t have to be. I will always be thankful for that. So the moment I heard that his name was associated with this potential situation, I was screaming from the rooftops on Counter Attack what this meant. Now all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed and thankfully we are where we are today, celebrating the Crew and the #Crew96 hashtag.”



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