#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Mike Clark

This evening, I received the following text from former Crew defender Mike Clark regarding the Columbus Crew officially being saved by the Haslam and Edwards families…

Following the press conference from afar today brought such a warm feeling to my heart. The Columbus Crew is truly one big Family and that was the theme that was woven throughout the day and throughout the whole Save The Crew movement.

In ’96 we were a team of young men, living on our own for the first time, many had girlfriends that would become wives. Many of us lived near each other and did everything together, just like a family. Dr Edwards, as you know, was there from day one. Throughout my career, he was there during the times of heartbreak and times of elation, just like you’d expect from a family member.

To celebrate McBride’s contract and departure to Fulham, we gathered at McBride’s and opened many INCREDIBLE bottles of wine. And who was there? Dr. Edwards, just as you’d expect from a family member.

The picture of Dr Edwards’ children in Crew jerseys in the locker room was a perfect pic that embodies everything the Save the Crew movement stood for–family! And just like most families we have lost some family members too soon, but now they will live on forever! And just like most families we have the crazy uncle, Duncan, but he too is Massive and such an important part of the Crew family.

Thank you to the Save the Crew movement and all that sacrificed and fought with everything they had. Thank you to Dr. Pete Edwards and the Haslam family for keeping our past alive while lighting an awesome path for the future. And thank you to Anthony Precourt for reminding me to never take family for granted.

I love this family!



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