#SavedTheCrew Reaction: Jon Busch

2002 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup and 2004 Supporters’ Shield-winning Crew goalkeeper Jon Busch took a few minutes while in transit at the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Chicago to have a quick phone chat about Dr. Pete and the Haslams buying the Crew, thereby completing the #SaveTheCrew mission.

On the Crew being saved:

I think it’s awesome. Being an ex-Crew player, even the thought of it was so sad. Part of the reason for me wanting to retire there was it was maybe almost finished. Now Doc has come in and the other owners have come in and they have literally saved the Crew.

It started with the fans. You can’t say enough about what the fans did. That’s why it’s special to all of the ex-players who have spoken up over this period. It’s more than just a soccer club. All of the fans started it and got it going, and then the owners came in with their money to save the Crew. As an ex-player, it’s fantastic to see. Today, I was trying to follow the press conference on my phone as I was driving. It was special. I hope Doc enjoyed it. He deserves it.

On Dr. Edwards being part of the ownership group:

He repaired my knee twice. Not only can he save careers, but now apparently he can save clubs! That’s awesome. He fixed my knee twice and repaired my career, and now he’s saving clubs. I think it’s fantastic. He stepped up to the plate. He really did.

On my laughter and compliments over the “save careers and save clubs” line:

That’s a soundbite! Make it a soundbite!



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