#ThankYouSigi: A Few Quick Induction Reactions

In the course of my recent conversations with folks about Sigi Schmid, I asked them for their reaction to his upcoming induction into the Crew’s Circle of Honor. Here’s what they had to say, with the caveat that my conversations with Brad Evans and Steven Lenhart took place during the winter, before the induction was announced.

Anyway, I’ve got these reactions and I’m running out of time, so I wanted to get them out there so you can keep them in mind during the ceremony tonight.


Mark McCullers:

“I can’t think of anybody more worthy. It’s a top moment for me. I’m glad to see that the organization has made the decision. It’s absolutely the right thing to do.”

Katie Witham:

“So appropriate. Knowing that he is going to be the third member inducted behind Brian McBride and Frankie Hejduk and I’m so glad it’s happening. It’s so fitting for him.”

Alejandro Moreno:

“Obvious choice. Obvious decision. His impact on the Columbus Crew is one that players can certainly recognize and appreciate. The longer it goes from the time that the Columbus Crew were able to put it all together and win it all in 2008, the more it is appreciated and the more it is beloved. I think it’s a sentiment that is true of the players and true of Sigi as well. As you get further removed from 2008 and MLS Cup and what that meant, people appreciate how special that team was and how special the environment that Sigi created was.”

Mike Lapper:

“I’m glad the Crew is doing that. I think it goes without saying that he deserves every accolade out there. He’s the winningest coach in MLS history. Beyond what he meant on the field, I think his impact is off the field. All the lives he’s impacted. I don’t think anyone has impacted more people in a positive light than he has.”

Duncan Oughton:

“We won MLS Cup, mate. You can’t take that away. Sigi brought an MLS Cup championship to Columbus. It was pretty amazing. The club wasn’t on the high-end of budget, so to put that team together was really, really impressive. When his name goes up in that Circle of Honor, there should be no doubting that it deserves to go up there.”

Danny O’Rourke:

“You don’t have to put him in the Circle of Honor to prove what he meant to the Crew or to me personally, but I think it’s a great honor. Wherever he went, he made a lasting impact on each individual. Winning the title and Supporters’ Shield here was probably the highlight for the Black & Gold. The fact that he can be up there is a monument for years and decades from now, so when kids go to a game and ask ‘Who’s Sigi Schmid?’ there will be a story to tell.”


I’ve managed to quicky tell just a tiny handful of those stories over the last few days. Just a drop in the ocean of Sigi’s impact, but a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless. #ThankYouSigi



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