#ThankYouSigi: A Few Quick Induction Reactions

In the course of my recent conversations with folks about Sigi Schmid, I asked them for their reaction to his upcoming induction into the Crew's Circle of Honor. Here's what they had to say, with the caveat that my conversations with Brad Evans and Steven Lenhart took place during the winter, before the induction was … Continue reading #ThankYouSigi: A Few Quick Induction Reactions

#ThankYouSigi: Sigi’s Secret to Success

NOTE: On Saturday, June 29, the Columbus Crew will induct Sigi Schmid into the Circle of Honor. This is one of several stories I am writing in advance of the ceremony. An updated list of stories will be kept HERE. For tickets to Saturday night's game and induction ceremony, click HERE. I found this to … Continue reading #ThankYouSigi: Sigi’s Secret to Success